A Letter From our Executive Director

Honoring the work.


I am so proud to be the Executive Director of YOUR Blue Valley Educational Foundation. This is more than a job for me. Every day I get the joy of waking up, going into the office and figuring out new and improved ways we can – together – make our schools even more exceptional. I get to spend my days working to ensure our schools have everything they need to provide the most innovative and well-rounded education for our kids.

As a parent of a Blue Valley student and the daughter of a teacher, I honor them through my work. They are my reasons for rolling up my sleeves and giving it my ALL each and every day. My kid. Your kids. Our teachers. Our schools.

Can’t think of better reasons than that, can you?

Over its 27 year history, BVEF has put more than $4.6 million into our schools and we are determined to do more every year.

First and foremost, I’m a Blue Valley mom. I care deeply about the priorities of our school district and am determined to bring together parents, stakeholders, business leaders, teachers, and administrators so our community as a whole can have the greatest success possible.

I do this for my kid and I do this for all our kids.



With Blue Valley pride,

Joy Ginsburg
Executive Director
Blue Valley Educational Foundation

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A Letter From our President

Seeing the impact first-hand.


As the President of the Blue Valley Educational Foundation, I get to see first-hand how our donations make a difference in the lives of our students, teachers and schools. We raise funds to help our teachers think a little differently, give our students something special, and to help make ends meet in our buildings that have needs their typical budget can’t afford.

I am so proud of the work we have already been able to accomplish… but our work has just begun. We need more volunteers, more donors, more companies to support what we are trying to accomplish. Whether we are focused on ensuring our classrooms are the most innovative or making sure our students emotional wellbeing is a priority, BVEF is here to make our schools stronger.


Are you interested in getting more involved? Are you interested in sponsorship opportunities? Do you want to join a standing committee? Be a part of an event planning committee? Want to just sit down with us to learn more about how you, your company, your organization can collaborate with us?

Please reach out. If we all come together, we will be able to support ALL the priorities of the Blue Valley School district.




With appreciation,

Carol Sherman
Blue Valley Educational Foundation


Our Mission 

Our mission is to enrich educational excellence through community outreach, financial development, and ongoing funding of extraordinary educational programs.

Our Vision

BVEF aspires to be one of the Blue Valley community's most valuable assets:

  • By utilizing the talents and resources of individuals and organizations in our community to assure excellence in public education;
  • By embracing the challenges of our changing world and supporting innovative educational ideas and extraordinary learning opportunities;
  • By developing an organization recognized for its dynamic outstanding leadership and its capacity to unite our community.

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